We base our approach on the Three-Ring Model For Integrating Professional and Personal Growth. We see the developmental path of a conscious leader as three rings, each representing a different level of awareness: of the self, of their working team, and of the community they interact.

The journey starts with the leader's discovery of their purpose, their personal realization, and with the achievement of a healthy balance between their self-confidence and their self-awareness.
We partner with clients through our coaching services in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their potential.

The conscious leader promotes a conscious company culture, which connects them with their team, and the team members with the company purpose and with each other. 

We offer a series of tools to assess and transform company culture and company values, along with workshops and lectures on conscious company culture.


Like individuals, companies are also striving to make a positive impact on this world.  This effort is defined by the company's purpose, which helps attract, retain and align the right people. 

A conscious business is based on people who are fully aware of the impact of their actions. It is about serving the interests of all constituents who are interdependently linked: customers, employees, investors, suppliers   communities and the environment .

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