We partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal development and professional potential in Latin America

We provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients work towards their purpose, focusing on their self-awareness and the impact they can make on their company culture and surroundings. 

We offer our services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Book your complimentary session here


We are accredited in several diagnostic and transformational tools that will help you increase yours and your team level of awareness, mapping and measuring your company values and culture. 

We offer customized workshops to develop higher levels of cultural awareness, interaction, cooperation and job satisfaction in your teams. We design together with you the best way to approach the team you lead and overcome cultural barriers and misunderstandings. 




Authors and conscious leadership experts Thomas Eckschmidt and Federico Renzo Grayeb are available to deliver memorable keynotes and workshops on a variety of topics on conscious company culture, conscious leadership, and conscious capitalism.






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