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Conscious Leadership

Elevate your level of self-awareness to better integrate your personal and business growth


About EcoEquo

Hi. I am Federico Renzo Grayeb, founder of EcoEquo, an open, collaborative network of professionals who share a passion for elevating the level of consciousness in business by providing coaching services and transformational training experiences for business leaders.  My purpose was to create a focal point for the development of conscious leaders and the dissemination of inspiring practices from conscious businesses across the world. I am convinced that more conscious leaders working in organizations and networking across the globe can impact the lives of thousands of people connected to them, from employees to stakeholders and communities, positively affecting society overall.  


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Conscious Leadership

Embark on a transformative journey that empowers you to lead purposefully and authentically.

Our Conscious Leadership Coaching services offer a unique and profound approach to leadership development centered around an elevated level of self-awareness.

Our services are designed for executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to elevate their leadership skills and create meaningful change within their organizations


Intercultural Awareness

Through personalized coaching sessions, we equip you with the tools to recognize, appreciate, and adapt to various cultural nuances while maintaining your authentic leadership style. 

Develop a deep understanding of cultural values, communication styles, and behavioral norms to effectively lead and engage with individuals from different backgrounds.

Our services cater to leaders, managers, and executives who operate in multicultural settings or aspire to enhance their global leadership skills.


Job Embeddedness

Job embeddedness encompasses the multifaceted reasons employees stay in their roles, even when external opportunities may arise. 

Our services focus on creating an environment where employees feel a strong sense of fit, connection, and personal investment in their jobs.

We customize  strategies that align with your organization's values and goals. We work collaboratively to identify critical factors contributing to employee retention and design tailored interventions to address them effectively.


“Mr. Grayeb's theory, known as the Three Ring Model for Conscious Leadership, transforms how I view and approach HR Leadership.

Massimo Radaelli - Executive Chairman- Pint Pharma

The logic behind Mr. Grayeb’s model of individual, team and community awareness holds it together in a very creative and yet simple way. Unlike other leadership models, this one connects deep meaning in ourselves with the work we do as managers and employees. It provides a path for leaders to be accepted by their teams and communities and thus, contribute to the construction of a more successful society overall.

Richard Greaves - Senior Consultant - Impact International

Mr. Grayeb's contributions to the financial and human resource areas have been impressive, and his leadership style was highly recognized across the organization. His high ratings on the internal employee surveys confirm these statements.

Kare Schultz - CEO Teva Pharmaceuticals


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